Cleaning My Brain of Horrible Grammar!

  • When taking the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy I learned a lot. I am awful at grammar so having this course enlightened me on the right way to write. Some areas that I have trouble with are when to use semicolons. If I write without using a computer I never use them. (I’m sure I need to). Another area in which I thought I was using proper grammar was colons. I really wish there was a website where you could submit your paper and it would find all of the AP style errors. This would be very helpful and I know that I overlook my AP errors all the time.
  • Some of the “surprises” in the course were the little things, for example alley, drive, road, and court are always spelled out but Ave., Blvd., and St., can be abbreviated. Ages were another little thing that surprised me in that I know I will have to look at the rule constantly. I have known that numbers one through nine must be written out. It is the phrases such as 4-year-old girl and has a daughter 2 months old that surprises me. Or to put it as the cleaning your copy did “When the context does not require “years” or “years old,” the figure is presumed to be years. Ages used as adjectives before a noun or as substitutes for a noun need hyphens.”
  • To be honest, I think that I will always have to look up or check on the different grammar rules. I struggle with grammar constantly. With that being said Id rather take a need to know basis to grammar. I felt very overwhelmed by the cleaning your copy course and although it was very informational I can better use the information when I need to refer to it on a case-by-case basis. As always though I am not perfect and trust myself to make mistakes. 🙂

(Topic of the Week Four)


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