Asteroid to Destroy the Earth? Grab a Bud light!

TOW five question: Which super bowl ad was either your favorite or least favorite?

My favorite super bowl ad was the Bud Light asteroid commercial. I loved how the scientist got to party when they thought they were going to die and then when they were “safe” they continued to celebrate. Bud Light really hit the mark when they brought up the issue, what would you do if you knew the world was about to end? The answer: drink Bud Light… but mainly most people would want to be having a good time. (Being happy) When Bud Light associates themselves with having a good time or in this case “the last happy time” it portrays to the audience of the beverage to drink for a good time. The target public that were targeted in this ad were all professionals, with a high level of stress. When stressful situations come about, grab a Bud Light. It’s an escape method to a great time.

For all the Bud Light commercials as a whole, I thought they were very creative. The second runner-up for Bud Light commercials was the T-Paine voice box. This commercial applied to teens to later 20-year-olds. Great move on Bud Light because having product acknowledgement before the buyer is legal to purchase gives Bud Light a better shot for coming of age drinkers to purchase their first beverage, a Bud Light beverage.  I know all of my friends and I enjoyed the commercial and I could tell that people like my parents would not understand, because they do not know who T-Paine is. All the commercials were pretty funny. A commercial that I did not watch until today was the little boy slapping his mom’s date because he looked at his mom’s butt and ate his Doritos. (Very cute) I noticed a lot of beer, Doritos, and car commercials this year or maybe those were the most enjoyable to watch.


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One response to “Asteroid to Destroy the Earth? Grab a Bud light!

  1. I don’t remember seeing the Bud Light commercial you picked, but I just watched it and thought it was hilarious! My fav commercial was the same Doritos one you picked. That little kid was sooo cute!

    P.S. Your blog looks great! You’re gonna have to teach me how to change my pics and stuff.

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