New Picture Every Week!

Every week I will be changing the picture to my blog. When I change it, I will have a new post in the Personal PRCA 3330 category that will give a description as to why this picture, this week. I realized when I was trying to make my blog better that I needed to change the book image. I have had one of my friends say, “those are some ugly books”. So in the fact that I’m tired of getting made fun of and because I cannot decide on what picture to put up, I will be always changing.

Start of the POW! (Picture Of the Week!)

A Misappropriation of Personality for these Animals!

This is the original picture. It was taken in Greece about 3 years ago. I was in Greece and really wanted some ice cream. Ice cream shops are every where in Greece. So this shop I went up to had this incredible hilarious display of their ice cream as animals. Of course you would never see this in America! The caption well that was supposed to be a little pun.  🙂  For all those of you who are not related to public relations, according to Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques, misappropriation of personality is the unauthorized use of well-known entertainers, professional athletes, and other public figures in an organization’s publicity and advertising materials.


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