To Twitter or Not To Twitter… That is the Question

The TOW seven question: Write about your experience with twitter and what you got out of it. What is one way you might find value in continuing your twitter account?

Well the week of twitter was successful. At the beginning of the week I was very anti-twitter. I was not very fond of twitter because I felt that twitter was very revealing, that by updating your status constantly your life would not be private. Plus I thought that I had nothing important to say, I mean who wants to know that I am going to the grocery store. As the week went on I found myself seeing twitter as a helpful tool. By following some people I found that twitter was used for relaying important information and allowing me to know when jobs were opening up. Case in point when I saw this tweet on my recent tweets list as I was tweeting myself about PR Real World, “heatherhuman #HAPPO is here! Seeking #EntryPR in D.C.? @DM or email me your elevator pitch and Ill post to my blog.” I immediately thought wow… twitter is very useful! I am currently looking for an internship and when I saw this tweet I thought to myself I might need to keep my twitter account going and become consistently active in the twitter world. Twitter is and can be valuable; I believe it could land me internship opportunities and at the very least notify me of internships/ jobs. But if I am going to become more active in twitter, which that is what I plan on right now, I definitely need to learn more of the lingo or jargon of the twitter world. This week has taught me that twitter is essential and that I need to learn a whole lot more to be a successful tweeter.

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