Rocky Road Sounds Delicious

The Roads in Rhodes

This picture is exactly what the caption says… the roads in Rhodes. Rhodes is a Greek island and it is an incredible little island! The main attraction that we went to were the castles. The whole island had a very medieval feel. I thought the roads were very interesting, when do you ever see every pathway made up of just stones? To go on this island I would advise great shoes. That means no heals or flip flops!

The reason why I picked this photo was because of a desire to eat Rocky Road ice cream! I am Catholic, and Lent has begun. I have given up all sweets! Yes thats right, for every one who loves, LOVES sweets you know what I am going through. It has gotten to that point where you see something, like this picture, and relate it to a sweet. So for all of you who are participating in Lent, Catholic or not, be strong and good luck!


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