Feature This!

Chapter 7 Notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

  • Parts of a feature include: the headline, lead, body, summary, and photos and graphics. When writing a feature it is much like writing a news release in that you would use the organization’s letterhead and give the standard information for the contacts, headlines, and datelines.
  • Features are considered “soft news” rather than “hard news.”

-Features stories have potential to

  1. Provide more information to the consumer
  2. Give background and context about organization
  3. Provide behind-the-scenes perspective
  4. Give a human dimension to situations and events
  5. Generate publicity for standard products and services
  • A proposal should include: a tentative title of the article, subject and theme, significance, major points, and description of photos and graphics available.
  • Case study is how individual customers have benefited from a company’s product or service or how another organization has used the product or service to improve efficiency or profits.
  • Headlines are 20 words or less and to use the name of the organization or product if it is well known. There are two kinds of headlines you can use. One is an informational headline. This headline works well with results of research studies or when a company wants to give advice. The second kind of headline is a play on words headline. Alliteration or a rhyme gets the reader’s curiosity. Personally I find the second headline a lot more fun to come up with. I also find these types of headlines a lot more entertaining and “catchy”.

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