Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Via Internet

Girl Scouts are marketing their cookie products online. Girls are using Facebook, Evites and text messaging to have potential buyers aware of the cookies they are selling. The problem with the door to door method is that parents are so busy working they cannot take their child to sell the cookies. So instead they help their child online to send out these Evites.

Personally I can see how this new method of marketing can be effective. Who isn’t on the Internet on a daily basis? I cant help but think that this new method of marketing puts the tradition of door to door Girl Scout cookies in its grave. Kind of sad, I was a Girl Scout and I bravely went door to door with my mother to sell the tradition that I thought I would be able to with my daughter. Who knows what methods Girl Scouts will be using to sell their delicious cookies when I have a daughter. Will I still buy Girl Scout cookies… of course! (I’m waiting to eat my box of Thin Mints until after Lent is over!)

Read the full story here. An NPR story.

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3 responses to “Girl Scouts Selling Cookies Via Internet

  1. Oh no! I loved the tradition of Girl Scouts going door to door to sell their cookies ( I was a short lived Girl Scout, so I think I only sold cookies once or twice) but I thought the girls who were brave enough to sell to their neighbors was the best part. I agree that selling the cookies online is probably a lot more effective, especially with some many busy parents nowadays. It is a sad thought that the days of Girl Scouts going door to door is over though, there are some traditions that I wish would remain, whether they are as effective as they could be or not.

  2. sharita wilkinson

    This is the best idea ever. I was wondering why I never see girl scouts selling cookies anymore. This is a safe way to sell cookies, especially with all the crazy freaks running around these days. I think that this is also less annoying than your friend begging you to buy cookies every five minutes. When you do not buy as many boxes, they pressure you to buy more. I understand the traditions in the door to door selling and it may not be a good idea to completely get rid of the door to- door. They also have to keep in mind that some of their buyers do not have access to the internet. But on the other hand it may boost thier sells.

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