People and PR: Getting the Wrong Message

Wow what a great article. (Click here to read Almost Everyone Gets PR Wrong) I have to completely agree with Nick Morgan when he says, “Beware the power of the narrative. Stop keeping score… What is your company’s basic job?”

I also have to agree with Morgan on the fact that people have a brain that functions on one narrative. Changing that narrative is like pulling teeth but we can change that narrative if a company proves it. Take for instance the Toyota problems. I own a Toyota Prius and before all of these recent problems I had the same narrative as every one else, Toyota makes a high-quality car. Now with the consistent bad news on Toyota I am worried about my original narrative. I havent changed my mind yet but I certainly do not boast about my green car anymore. I drive around now and other drivers are not looking at me thinking wow she must be getting great gas mileage. They are thinking oh no is that Prius going to stop!

(PR Connection Two)


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