Misleading Cervical Cancer Commercial?

I have watched the specific ad that is being talked about in Message in a Bottle. The first time I saw the ad, I sincerely thought it was a perfume commercial. Until I saw the cervical cancer engraved on the perfume bottle. I do appreciate the fact that the commercial immediately apologizes for leading us into a false light before going into the facts about cervical cancer. I can agree with Cynthia Pearson when she says that the commercial does not educate but instill  a sense of fear. After seeing the commercial I did have a sense of fear. I did not go to the website. Instead I was reminded to set up my yearly appointment with my gynecologist. Personal decision on the commercial… a very tactical way of notifying the public about cervical cancer.

For those of you who have not been watching TV here is the controversial commercial.

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15 responses to “Misleading Cervical Cancer Commercial?

  1. I’ve seen this commercial a bazillion times and EVERY time it fools me. I always think it is a real perfume commercial. I agree that it does instill a sense of fear, and I think it just kind of odd. I must give it to them though, it is different and gets the attention of the audience. It is slightly refreshing, in my opinion, from the same old cervical cancer PSA’s we have been seeing for the past couple of years. I wonder if they will come up with any other commercials to follow up.

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  3. Brittany rollings

    After watching the commercial on cervical cancer my attention to the problem increased. I have heard of cervical cancer, but it’s amazing how when you first watch the commercial you think it’s for a perfume or beauty product. I think more commercials should do this kind of message because it makes people more aware and they will most likely act before a problem arises.

  4. I have have seen this ad several times and I still get fooled sometimes. I have mixed feelings about the ad because it does instill fear. I think it’s definitely a great way to shake up the same old PSAs to get every ones attention, but because of the shock factor approach the PSA has received a lot more publicity for their organization than a more demure ad might have. I think its great that more attention is being given to a cancer that claims so many lives each year, especially since its not as well publicized as other cancers.

  5. I was so confused the first time that I saw this commercial on television too! I remember thinking” No way, this is a PSA and not a perfume commercial.. Well they did a great of getting my attention.”
    I think that this commercial is also a new area for PSAs. With an attention grabber like this one, the future of PSAs will take a different road. People will expect more exciting and different way of receiving public announcements.
    Also, I like how you posted the link to the commercial, that was for those readers who have not seen the commercial, they are able to be caught up with the rest of this blog entry and comments.

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  7. Kate Kavanagh

    I just recently saw this commercial while watching TV and I was completely fooled. I had no idea it was going to have such a spin on the end and turn itself into a PSA. It was very creative and thoughtful way to grab female attention when they were already thinking it was going to be a new perfume soon to be released. Although there is the whole fear aspect within the PSA it should be very productive in getting the viewers to research a little about Cervical Cancer. It was strange at first expecting something and it being something you did not expect. Hopefully a lot of other PSA’s will follow in their footsteps.

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  9. I believe about the same when seeing this commercial and it seems to still get me every time. I think that the fear can be a good one in this situation and can give a sense of urgency about the issue of cervical cancer. It seems to be a hot topic around the media today. It might have been taboo to talk about such subjects years ago but I believe we have come a long way in getting the issues out. I applaud the creators of the commercial for tactics and hope that it will make a positive change in the way that people look at cervical cancer. That they will get out there and making a difference once seeing how serious of a problem it is.

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  11. I couldn’t agree more with all of you! This commercial gets me every time! The first time I saw it I thought it was a Disney World commercial. I thought the woman in the commercial was going to walk up the stairs and be looking out of Cinderella’s castle into the Magic Kingdom or something. Wow, was I wrong! Haha! I give the commercial point for creativity because it definitely grabs your attention, but I agree that it does instill fear in you. I think they should have said something a bit more educational instead of creepy. Great blog post, Brigitte!

  12. My TV is usually just background noise that plays while I’m doing school work (like my PR blog!) so it took about three times of hearing this strange commercial for me to look up and see what it was. Shocking- yes very, but I guess it gets the point across. Whoever thought to link cervical cancer and perfume is either very smart- or very strange. It does get peoples attention and I guess that is the point of the commercial. And yes (like most of the comments have mentioned) it does take you of guard every time!

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  14. sharita wilkinson

    When I first saw the commercial I hated it. It also instilled fear. I understand that the commercial was trying to get the attention of women, but in this did not help. This scare tacked was worst than a republican’s campaign commercials. Cervical cancer is a curable treatable disease if caught early. Doctors can catch potential cancer cells before they turn into cancer and get rid of them. That is why we have pap smears. But that commercial made me want to jump on a table and say ‘check me’. It gave the message of death if you do not check now. But it was attention-getting whether or not you like it. Was the girl that played in the commercial a famous actress?

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