Emails and Memos

Chapter 14 notes from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

  • The pros of e-mail for public relations writers is sending media advisories and news releases, disseminate employee newsletters, and chat with colleagues around the world. Back in chapter 10 it said that 98% of journalists prefer to receive news releases via e-mail.
  • E-mail should never replace face-to-face communication. The good news and the bad news should be delivered face-to-face communication.
  • Memos is a brief written message, usually a page or less in length. The standard delivery method for memos is e-mail.
  • Memos are written for various communication purposes. Memos can ask for information, supply information, confirm verbal exchange, ask for a meeting, schedule or cancel a meeting, remind, report, praise, caution, state a policy, or perform any other function that requires a written message.

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