Turtle Soup Tonight!

Picture of the Week!… Well since I have been slacking in this department and it is almost the end of blogging… there will be more changes in the picture of the week area! This picture is of three turtles I found sunbathing on the GSU campus. This picture was pretty lucky because right after I took it they spotted me and dove into the water! Since summer is here I figured this was a great picture. Everyone is out by the pool and feeling the end of  the semester crunch! I know I am!

Getting our tan on

This weekend I have been watching a lot of Ax Men on the History channel. In case you havent seen this show, it is about forestry crews in California and swamp logging in Florida. Probably my favorite guy on there is Swampman Shelby Stanga. He grew up on the swamp and says that he will die on the swamp. His dog Big Willie is the cutest/funniest dog. One of the episodes Stanga pulled in a really high price log, so he shouts to Big Willie “Turtle soup tonight!”  There are a lot of funny characters on the show so if you need a good laugh watch Ax Men on the History channel.


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  1. Brigitte–I LOVE your picture of the week! I love walking past the ponds on campus and seeing the turtles. They’re so cute! Great blog!

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