Information Graphics or Infographs

According to Lisa Angelettie, infographs are visual representations of info, data or knowledge.

Knowledge At Work provided reasons of what infographs aim to provide.

  • Infographics communicate facts and complex relationships; they portray figures and data clearly and are understood correctly at a glance.
  • Infographics are supposed to evoke emotions:  The images of an infographic can arouse enthusiasm, curiosity or fascination and thereby lead on to the text.
  • Infographics use symbols:  As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.  Above all, the images of an infographic can specifically introduce the right symbols into discussion about the portrayal of controversial subjects.  These are – often unconsciously – taken on board by the readers.
  • Infographics are supposed to be aesthetically pleasing:  The layout of infographics contributes heavily to the image of a White Paper.  But in a different way to brochures and advertising material, there are normally no other “advertising laden” images.

Infographs can be useful in a story for your client because it can provoke the reader to want to read the text below the infograph, it can help the reader understand the information through the infographs easy images, and it can help advertise for the story.

If you can not create an infograph on your own here are two companies that can help you create one. Infographic World and Column Five.  Unfortunately I could not create an infograph on my own. But there are many examples out on the internet and plenty of companies that can help you create infographs, like the two I have listed above.

Personally I love to see infographs. I am a very visual person, having an infograph can provide me with the knowledge of what the text is trying to tell in a quick glance or even a quick interpretation of the infograph. The more creative the infograph the more circulation the infograph and the story can get. Social media uses infographs very frequently and google loves to use/ post infographs. Infographs also provide myself with an organizational flow. Because infographs are very visual informative, they must effectively flow the information. Here is an example of an infograph.

(Topic of the Week 11)


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