My Top 10! -Blogging Advice

Well since I am such an expert, not even close, I   am informing you on my  top 10 blogging advice for  new users. I was a new  user about four months  ago. I know how it feels  to be frustrated and lost.  Trust me, it gets better  and it gets EXCITING! So  here it goes, hold on, read  on, and enjoy!

  1. Keep up with the assigned posts each week! I know that it gets tough as the semester goes on, especially when you are taking 15 plus hours in a semester. But at least try to do as much as you can each week. If you don’t you will feel the wrath of procrastination!
  2. Use links, pictures, and videos in your posts to enhance the assignments. Of course you must have a link if you use information from a website or book, but having a video or picture as an example for an assignment draws in more interest and understanding.
  3. Try not to make grammatical errors. As I put this in my top 10 I know how hard it is to do! I’m sure I have plenty errors on my blog… I might even have one on this post! But the main idea is to not have obvious miss-spellings or dirty language. This detracts others from your blog. It can also degrade your credibility. So be careful!
  4. Get CREATIVE! I decided to try to add some interest to my blog by having a Picture of the Week, POW. I love photography! So I wanted to incorporate this into my blog. Even if others only come to your blog because of this creative element you have created, at least you are getting some traffic to your blog. It also makes your blog fun to work on.
  5. Use your all about me page as a way to connect to the readers. I found it very hard to write my all about me at the beginning. I had to revise it so that it said more than just three sentences. This part of your blog gives you a chance to tell others about your interest, goals, and gives a picture of who the voice is behind your posts.
  6. Comment! I know it is hard sometimes to write more than I agree, great post! But the more you blog the better you get at commenting. Write about what you liked about the post, ask questions if you have any, and describe your thoughts from reading the post.
  7. Network blog to blog. Blogging and looking at others blogs is a great way to see what others are doing in the PR field.
  8. Play around. At the beginning of my blog I had no clue on how to work wordpress. I had to play around with my blog so that I could learn how to incorporate hyperlinks, videos, and pictures. Be patient playing around will pay off! If this does not help you can ask one of your classmates. (This would be a great way to comment and network!)
  9. Have fun with PR connections! At first I was scared of the PR connections assignments. But after I did one I realized this is a great way to add personality and creativity to your blog. You get to pick the connection ideas and its all about what you think of the connections you pick.
  10. Super FUN! Once you get the hang of blogging, I think you will find it very rewarding. Sure you have assignments each week and they get tedious. The more you incorporate your creativity, the more fun you will have. Just remember to relax, and try to have fun. If you cant do this grit your teeth, suck it up, and get your blog done.  🙂

I am no way a blogging expert, but I hope these 10 advice tips helps you along the way. Just remember to relax and breath. Blogging can get frustrating but YOU CAN DO IT!

(Topic of the Week 16)


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