Thank You and Goodnight!

So this will be my last Picture of the Week post for PRCA 3330. I am sorry that its kind of blurry, but when you see the   full picture to the left you understand why I had to choose this picture this week. First I would like to say THANK YOU fellow students for commenting and      interacting on my blog. It is so exciting when you see that someone has  commented on one of your posts. I also would like to thank Professor Nixon. I  know I would not have created a blog on my own, so this experience has been an  awesome one and I have learned more than I ever thought I would have.

This picture is a picture that I took myself. I am a photographer for  Wphotography. I started Wphotography a year ago. I photograph weddings,  family, seniors, and have been dabbling in sports and event photography. If you  would like to see more of my work check out my website.

Tony and Crystal Mize got married this past February at the Federated Garden  Club in Macon, Georgia. They were a wonderful, fun  couple who were so excited  to get married.  My assistants and I made them crawl in an antique bath tub, pose  in a secret walkway outside, and captured all of their wedding moments  in  between. THANK YOU Mr. and Mrs. Mize for a super fun winter wedding!


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