Multimedia Stories

  • I learned that the best multimedia stories are multi-dimensional. And use only high-quality audio. Except when it is really old recordings. I also learned to include photos. Photos can set a mood or introduce a story or section of a story and can be used individually. When using graphics use Flash to animate them. (If you have an IPad you cannot upload Flash! So you will not be able to upload these multi-medias.) Graphics can be the centerpiece of a story.
  • What surprised me was when it said to use text as a medium to fall back on when you are not sure what else to do. It even said to save text for what is left after you have put as much information as possible into other media.
  • I would like to know more about a storyboard. It would be nice to see some examples of storyboards. Maybe even phases of a storyboard in the process of creation would help. The Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling course was helpful though in learning the different aspects of a multimedia story. I personally love multimedia stories because they are different then the normal text story. It also appeals to a wide variety of crowd because the visual aspect is involved. I am a very visual learner, so having many forms of multimedia aspects in the story leads me to remember the story more and I can tell my friends about the story. This course was very informational on the different aspects and steps to take on writing or creating a multimedia story. It would be nice to see more examples in each of the steps that you learn about for multimedia stories. Maybe even a video example would be helpful and it would incorporate the aspect of the multimedia use.

(Topic of the Week 14)


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