PR Open Mic Night

PRopenmic has so much to offer PR students and recent graduates. When I opened my homepage on PRopenmic I saw a post called Various Job & HR News/ Listings. This was very intersting to see/read because some of its content crossed publicize on Twitter and other PR trade publication websites. I also find it interesting that you can join different groups, I guess you would call it, according to your interest or needs. For example, there was a post on how PR practioners or students, any one for that matter, could joinPR Higher Ed Twibe. From what I can see, PRopenmic is an excellent way to keep in contact with students, teachers, and professionals. It is also a great source for jobs, current news and activities in the PR field and a way to voice your opinions/ thoughts on posts. The first time I learned about the hug from Taylor Swift commotion was from Michelle Blubaugh‘s blog. (By the way love the post!) I knew about the first, two challenges but did not know that she had already went to Auburn University and gave the two creative gentlemen a hug! I learned about the final hug happening here on  PR open mic. I also enjoy that on the side bar to the right they have a music section where you can listen to different social media radio casts.

Honestly I am not sure that I will stick with PR open mic. I feel as if I have so many social media connections already. But I am willing to give it a try. I can see how I would, as well as others would enjoy the options and variety that PR open mic has to offer. As I first go on to the home page of PR open mic I cant help but feel overwhelmed and disorganized. There is so much going on that learning how to navigate through the website might take some time. I feel though that once I learn how to navigate through the website I will be able to take advantage of what PR open mic has to offer and thus I will really enjoy this new form of social media.

(Topic of the Week 9 and 10)



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2 responses to “PR Open Mic Night

  1. I agree, I think that PR OpenMic is a knockoff of Facebook and in my opinion, everything on it can be accomplished by either using Facebook or Twitter. When I was trying to update my PR OpenMic, Twitter, and Facebook it was just very exhausting. I felt like it was a repeat of the same information over and over again. I also don’t even think there are that many PR people on there when it is compared to other forms of social media. In PR OpenMic’s defense though, I think it provides PR professionals and students with more PR related groups and applications which are helpful in ways Facebook and Twitter are not.

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