Tiger Woods Controversy Commercial

Everyone has probably seen this commercial. What a commercial… On the fact that Nike used Earl Wood’s, Tiger’s dead father, voice I find touching. I do not find it creepy or wrong. No matter the content I would think it would be a memorable moment to have a commercial with your father. Personally this commercial was a great idea and caused so much media attention that it accomplished its task of publicity. What are your thoughts? Read this article for what other professionals think on the commercial.

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2 responses to “Tiger Woods Controversy Commercial

  1. There was a lot of controversy over this commercial that Tiger Woods did with the voice of his father Earl Woods. I think that it is memorable to have a commercial with your father especially if he has passed but I felt that under the circumstances I think Tiger should have went about it a different way. The commercial has created a lot of media attention for Tiger but there is no telling what it will do for his marriage and family. His wife Elin was not too happy with this commercial and does this truly mean that Tiger is sorry for what he has done?

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