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Topic Of The Week!  By: Michelle Blubaugh

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January 31, 2010

Michelle, I am glad that you and Grammar Girl addressed this 2010 debacle. I feel weird saying “two thousand ten” and writing it as well. I do however feel more comfortable when saying it as “twenty-ten”. Plus I also feel that it’s a cooler way to say the year. It’s modern and realistic, plus it’s catchy. It also helps when the Olympics are publicizing the “twenty-ten” option. I also feel the same with you when you commented on Grammar Girl’s audio and visual posts. I love to have the reassurance of the audio while I can follow along reading.


ap style bootcamp :: flagging your ap stylebook, Barbara Nixon

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February 3, 2010

Brigitte Gausche Says:
February 3rd, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Professor Nixon,

I have just watched the AP Style Bootcamp and found everything very helpful. I have not had much practice with the book or getting to know where is what. So being able to flag certain areas of the book was awesome. It also breaks the book up so that it is easier for me to locate other questions I might have. I am horrible, horrible at grammar so I know I will need to reference the AP Style Book quite frequently. I really wish some of my other teachers I have had would do this bootcamp. The earlier you can become knowledgeable of the AP Style Book the better and more beneficial. Thank you for the bootcamp and all the info!

-Brigitte Gausche
PRCA 3330


Six Ways Gmail Revolutionized e-mail, By: Kristina Bundy

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April 22, 2010

My very first email that I set up was a yahoo account. I was a loyal yahoo account user until I got persuaded by my brother and sister in law to get a Gmail account. Ever since that day I am now a Gmail lover. I love the threaded conversions (even though sometimes I get confused) and I also didn’t know that Google was the first to popularize. I also enjoy the fact that my Gmail account does not delete my emails. But I did not know that Google was the first to archive them. Thank you Google to revolutionize e-mail to better suit my needs!


About Me, By: Carrie Beth Abramson

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April 23, 2010

Hey Carrie Beth! I just wanted to let you know that I am a Patriots fan also! (along with being a Celtics and Red Sox fan) I cant even explain to you how devastated I was when Tedy Bruschi retired. He was and still is my absolute favorite player. I was watching the NFL draft tonight and not completely sure of the Patriots pick. (Devin McCourty, Cornerback from Rutger) But I have faith in Belichick and I am sure he will mold him into an excellent team player. Good luck in your upcoming PR career. It sounds like where ever you go you will be successful…but of course you will be successful your a BOSTON FAN! :)


Tina Fey has “Bieber Fever”, By: Megan Long

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April 24, 2010

I understand Martine that you think the idea of a teacher student relationship is sick. I also share that same feeling, but I think this skit that Megan has posted is insanely funny. The point of SNL is the comedic aspect and comedy at its best. SNL can get away with comedic skits about serious issues. It might help when watching SNL that you go into with a mindset that this is supposed to be light hearted. I hope that you do not hold a grudge towards SNL over it. Personally I favor the older SNL, when Chris Farley, Chris Kattan, and Jimmy Fallen generation.


Ohhh, Perez Hilton…, By: Megan Long

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April 24, 2010

Megan, I am so excited that you posted this entry. First off I love love Perez Hilton as well. (If you like vulgar, funny opinions check out but I warn you it’s not for the pure hearted.) Second I think that this is a stunt by Chris Brown’s PR team to help rebuild his image. Unfortunately I don’t think that this “stunt” will help him out, but that it only will hinder his image even more. This “stunt” makes his PR team desperate. I’m sorry Christ Brown but you need new ideas! For starters how about having Chris Brown lay low for a while. Issue a more convincing apology and get on with Barber Walters for a deep heart to heart interview. But in all seriousness “beat her down” will not come back from his actions.


PR Connection, By: Shelley Martin

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April 24, 2010

Shelly, great post! To answer your ethical question at the end of your post, I would have to agree with you in that I would not sell my clients out to make an extra buck. I believe that reputation is everything. A tarnished reputation, especially in the public relations field is game over. Forget about finding a job. Plus as a person, unrelated to the ethical values of the PR field, I would feel like a backstabbing, untrustworthy, cheap, greedy individual. Relationships and reputations are worth more to me than money. Glad to know that you feel the same especially in the world we live in now, where I am not sure most would do the ethical thing!


A Hug From Taylor Swift, By: Michelle Blubaugh

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April 24, 2010

Michelle, I had no clue that this was happening! I think that I have been to embedded with schoolwork to acknowledge the celebrity world. How awesome is this for Taylor Swift! You are right in that it is great PR for her. I wonder if these two guys are PR majors? It would be interesting to see if this interaction between the two guys and Taylor Swift challenges start a trend. I could even see it as a base idea for a new reality show… people accomplishing good deeds to get rewarded by their influential celebrity. MTV… you have a hit, email me if you need elaboration on this. (


Feelance, By: Megan Tidmore

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April 25, 2010

Wow, I have never heard anyone be so daring with their PR degree. It may be super hard at the beginning but very rewarding when you get on your feet. What made you decide on going this route? Doing PR for Tattoo parlors would be very entertaining. What made you want to do PR for tattoo parlors? To be honest I have never thought of going out on my own but it was very interesting to check out the pricing of it all. I could see myself establishing myself in the PR world first and then possibly start freelancing after I have gained some contacts and such. I hope it all works out and Good Luck!


PR Connection 6, By: Lauren Whitener

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April 25, 2010

I have to agree with you Lauren. It would be so weird to not have Facebook. I also keep up with friends and get notified about meetings I need to attend from different organizations. I have a photography business called Wphotography. I created a “fan” page or I guess now “like” page. But I am not sure I am okay with Facebook changing that aspect. I would rather have fans then likes… or maybe it just sounds better to me to have fans then likes… either way I do enjoy having customers, friends, and family be a part of Wphotography on Facebook.


Public Relations, The Fabulous Life?, By: Erica Campbell

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April 25, 2010

Eric, I agree that PR is not just a highway ticket to the fabulous life. PR is hard work! I cannot tell you how many of my friends joke with me about my major. They say, “Brigitte, did you stay inside the lines today when you were coloring in class?” I don’t take it to heart, but it does not help when the movies portray us in a skewed image. I have watched part of the Spindustry and I am not a fan. I hope that shows/ movies in the future can relate to the public the true sides of PR.


Baseball: The Best of America’s Game, By: Michael Greer

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April 25, 2010

I have to disagree that the Atlanta Braves is not the best vestige of modern baseball. I am a Boston, Red Sox fan and well undeniably they are the best. I do however agree that Jason Heyward is an incredible player and a great asset to the Braves. My favorite player would have to be Dustin Pedroia. He is such a dimensional, passionate player. Too bad the Braves and the Red Sox’s are not playing against each other in the regular season this year. But I can understand why the Braves didn’t want to get their butts handed to them.


The Devil Wears Prada.. & You Should Too, By: Erica Campbell

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April 26, 2010

This post is too cute! You have such great advice and paring it with quotes from the movie was a nice touch. I have been attending public relations conferences this year and everyone I have been too they say the same thing you have said, each job can build and lead you to the next. Learning from previous jobs and networking can build you up to your dream job. I have a year left before I graduate and I am super nervous about finding a job. I am hoping that the economy will turn on the up before I graduate. Of course if it doesn’t then I hope to land a job and be able to get my foot into the door of public relations.


IPad… Not So Great After All, By: Caroline Crawlins

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April 27, 2010

I love Apple products! I have a macbook laptop, shuffle, iPod and many more Apple products. I will not buy the new iPad. All of the reviews good or bad cannot influence my decision. Although it seems like a great idea I cannot bring myself to purchase the iPad that looks like an over sized iTouch. It reminds me of the oversized large calculators or the remote that claims you can never lose it. I despise those products. One of my professors thought about purchasing the iPad. After she went through the checkout process online and added all the programs she needed to properly run it the total cost was $1200.


The Bad Side of Twitter, By: Trent Callier

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April 27, 2010

Unfortunately I am not a big fan of Twitter. I see all of the good things that Twitter contributes. It is a great way to network, and to become aware of events in lighting speed. It even helped the European travelers whom were ashed into the airports. I do not like how celebrities use Twitter to cause “Twitter wars” with other celebrities. For example anything that Lindsay Lohan writes is not very informational to me, or the tweet war between Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and Solider Boy. This gives Twitter a bad name. If I could learn more about Twitter then I think I would appreciate it more.


Viral Videos and Why We Love Them, By: Kelsey Hendrix

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April 27, 2010

Great post! Viral videos have exploded. My friends and I are always looking at videos on YouTube. One of my favorites is the one you have posted of Miss South Carolina maps interview. What I find interesting is that YouTube is better at accurate results using the searching tool than Google. I am not sure though the new Vevo aspect that YouTube is trying to push. But then again I am always very skeptical when it comes to new forms of social media. I like to sit back and watch first and then get into using and telling others. That way I don’t look like an idiot if it isn’t a great idea.


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