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Social Media News Releases Are Taking Over!

Social media news releases or SMNR were created to revamp the boring news release. According to The Social Media Release is the Methadone of Online Marketing social media news releases are  “standard media releases, but augmented by audio, video, photos, social bookmarking links and other social web widgets.” SMNR’s enchance and supply the seeker with information in lightening speed and with a variety of sources.

Advantages for a SMNR

  1. A more creative outlet for clients
  2. Better coverage to a wide variety of media outlets
  3. A faster process for receiving information for today’s web savvy audience. (Robin Good)
  4. Links can provide more information

Disadvantages for a SMNR

  1. Too costly and not as cost effective as if you were to post on your website or blog. According to DarrenBareFoot if you build your own website or blog site you can post YouTube videos or links to enhance your message (just like a Social Media News Release would do) without having the high cost.
  2. Sometimes the links, images, videos and such can be a distraction and can even be too much for the news release.

When Should A SMNR Be Used?

A PR practitioner should consider using a social media news release when a video, picture or link can provide more than just a written story could. An SMNR would be a great way to help a company release their new product. A picture, or video of the product in action along with a link back to the company’s site would be more beneficial then a regular news release describing the product. Plus it allows the potential consumers to respond back and give feedback to the company. RealWire says that a SMNR achieves double the editorial coverage and up to four times the blogging coverage.

If you need help on creating a SMNR go to PRsquared and SHIFT Communications.

This is an example of a Social Media News Release Pepsi SMNR

Here are Five Tips on Creating a SMNR (Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques)

  1. Distribute your SMNR through a service that carries hyperlinks to downstream sites such as AOL News or Yahoo!
  2. Do not use all the tools all the time, focus on the message.
  3. Place terms in key positions
  4. Do not use low-resolution images.
  5. Do not go link, picture or video crazy. This can confuse and distract journalists from your main message.

Although SMNR’s are fairly new they are becoming more prevalent and widely accepted. Many PR practitioners and journalists alike debate on the actual effectiveness of a SMNR compared to a regular press release. Personally I would enjoy reading and watching a SMNR then a regular press release. I love being able to be creative with a picture or video. I feel that videos, links and pictures can provide much more of an emotional connection then just a regular descriptive story. I am a photographer and realize the words that are displayed without having to write any. Just like the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words” that is a thousand words you can include in your SMNR without having to waste the space or bore your audience by typing them out.


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